ThinkPad X60 Tablet Is Enticing

The Lenovo system overcomes issues that have plagued the platform.

IT managers have been asking me about Lenovos next tablet PC for months. Now that the ThinkPad X60 Tablet has finally launched, I can report that my initial tests find the convertible notebook to be a worthy addition to the ThinkPad franchise.

The system is armed with Intels low-voltage Core Duo and Core Solo processors and has a starting weight of 3.8 pounds. With an eight-cell battery that is giving me more than 8 hours of battery life, the weight of my test X60 Tablet is about 4.16 pounds.

The X60 Tablet can be configured with a number of firsts for a tablet PC. These include a WWAN (wireless WAN) module, an SXGA+ touch-screen display and support for 802.11n wireless technology (which is still in draft release).

One of the most common usage scenarios for a tablet PC is out in the field, but users often report difficulty in using tablets outdoors due to screen visibility issues. During tests, the X60 Tablet did a pretty good job of solving that problem with a MultiView outdoor display that has anti-reflective and anti-glare capabilities.

I was able to use the test unit outdoors in fairly bright sunlight with no issues.

While the 802.11n wireless radio may not be a necessity, it—and extras like it—is likely to increase adoption of tablets within enterprises, especially given Microsofts decision to bundle tablet PC capabilities into Vista rather than to release a separate Windows Vista tablet operating system.

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