Thinning Out the Client Via Winterm 3630LE

Product from Wyse Technology is geared for digital flat-panel displays.

A matter of time On the road to thin-client computing, size can be as important as functionality. So it should come as no surprise that someone outfitted a flat-panel display with the necessary technology.

Multimedia display Wyse Technology Inc. has just released its Winterm 3630LE, a Windows-based terminal thats built inside a 15-inch digital flat-panel display. The unit comes equipped with the Windows CE operating system, an Internet Explorer 4.0 browser and a 300MHz GX1 National Geode processor from National Semiconductor Corp., according to company officials in San Jose, Calif. The 3630LE also features 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet support, two Universal Serial Bus ports and integrated multimedia stereo speakers.

Pricing The suggested retail price of this solution is $1,499 for single-unit purchases, with volume discounts available. More information is available at