Times Square Takeover

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Times Square Takeover

Microsoft Surface played a big part in a Times Square billboard takeover that took place early Oct. 26, 2012, as part of the Windows 8 launch.

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Microsoft is everywhere in Times Square late on the night of Oct. 25 as customers await midnight so they can get their hands on the Surface.

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The Finest

New York's finest were out in force to make sure all went well at the Microsoft Times Square store grand opening. These three happened to be on horseback, joining several of their brothers both in uniform and in plain clothes.

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Microsoft partners and OEMs displayed their wares to would-be customers right out on the streets of Broadway with the new store site in the background.

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The Store Before the Unveiling

Microsoft kept customers in suspense as to what the Times Square store would look like by covering it with a big curtain.

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Microsoft COO

B. Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer, addresses the crowd prior to the store's grand opening late Oct. 25.

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The First Surface Sold

A young man named Glenn bought the first Surface for Windows RT sold in Microsoft's new pop-up store in New York City's Times Square on Oct. 26. The device was signed by Panos Panay, general manager of Surface for Microsoft.

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Pressed Against the Glass

Even the press must wait as Microsoft VIPs and others guests get first crack at the goods; these luminaries flooded the store as the initial buyers.

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A Madhouse

The scene at the door is a madhouse as folks queue up behind the velvet rope to be the next ones inside.

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Finally Inside

Finally inside the store, the place is full of serious customers with serious questions.

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The Rush

Customers rush to get purchases made for fear the items may sell out.

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All Ages

Every part of the store is filled with customers of all ages.

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Cover Keyboards

Here's a look at a Surface and some of the cover keyboard selections.

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The cash registers are rolling at the Microsoft pop-up store in Times Square on opening night.

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Sales Team

A salesperson shows off Surface for Window RT to a customer at the new pop-up Microsoft Store that opened at 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 26 as part of the Windows 8 launch.

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Surface Arrives in Seattle

The Microsoft Store at University Village in Seattle prepares before opening to a line outside.

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A Young Customer Checks out Microsoft Surface

The daughter of Rob Nehrbas, a Microsoft Dynamics employee, tests out the new Surface Touch Cover at the Microsoft Store in Seattle Oct. 26.

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