Top 10 Google Android Apps for Work and Play

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Top 10 Google Android Apps for Work and Play

The release of the Motorola Droid, Nexus One, and other devices running the Google Android operating system has irrevocably changed the smartphone landscape, and led more developers to consider creating both free and paid applications for Android Market, Google's mobile application store. While questions remain about how robustly Android Market can challenge Apple's App Store, developers have been building thousands of applications for both business use and entertainment.The following Android applications are some of Android Market's most popular, and allow both office workers and road warriors to do everything from editing documents formatted for a smartphone, to getting real-time stock quotes and weather updates, to listening to a little music or checking their Facebook updates during their downtime.

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Name:</b> Finance<br><b>Cost:

FreeThis application offers streaming real-time stock quotes, offers quick access to market and company news, and synchronizes the user's Google Finance portfolios.

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Name:</b> Translator<br><b>Cost:

FreeThis application translates words, phrases, sentences and other chunks of text into a variety of languages ranging from Albanian to Yiddish.

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Name:</b> GPS Status<br><b>Cost:

FreeBy displaying your Android phone's GPS and sensor data, and showing the position and signal strength of GPS satellites, this application allows you to determine your position, GPS accuracy, speed, acceleration and bearing.

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Name:</b> Voice Recorder<br><b>Cost:

FreeThis application provides users with a voice-recorder interface, with data recorded to an SD card. Recordings can be sent as an attached file via Gmail.

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Name:</b> My Maps Editor by Google<br><b>Cost:

FreeThis application lets users create, edit and share personalized maps on an Android-powered phone, synchronized through the My Maps tab on Google Mpas. Users can also mark their location using GPS or attach a photo directly from their phone's library.

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Name:</b> Documents To Go 2.0 Main App<br><b>Cost:

FreeThis application lets users view, edit and create PowerPoint presentations; view PDF Files; and view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents. "Premium features" are available with a $29.99 upgrade.

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Name:</b> Fast Local Search<br><b>Cost:

FreeFast Local Search for Android provides access to relevant points of interest, including restaurants and gas stations, making it useful for road warriors.

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Name:</b> Pandora<br><b>Cost:

FreeA little streaming Internet radio can help liven up a day at the office.

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Name:</b> Facebook for Android<br><b>Cost:

FreeFacebook for Android lets users check status updates and friends' phone numbers from their home screen, share photos from their phone, and check their news feed.

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Name:</b> The Weather Channel<br><b>Cost:

FreeAndroid's Weather Channel App presents customizable weather maps, video forecasts, weather alerts and more.

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