Top 10 iPhone Apps to Get to Know Your U.S. Presidents

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Top 10 iPhone Apps to Get to Know Your U.S. Presidents

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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The White House

The official White House app feeds blog postings, news, videos and photos from the executive mansion to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Theres also the ability to watch live events via streaming video. The cost is free.

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Presidents of the United States

This app, at a cost of 99 cents, provides a variety of information about each president, including years in office, political party, vice presidents, birth and death dates, education, and their cabinet. Good for quiz nights when those annoying Andrew Jackson questions come up.

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Manual for the United States of America

This 99 cent app includes a wide variety of the United States most important documents, including the Declaration of Independence, Emancipation Proclamation, 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Federalist Papers. It also lists U.S. presidents, with biographies as well as states.

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USA Factbook and Quiz

This app, also 99 cents, includes facts about the country as a whole and the individual states, features maps of various regions and roadways, lists the 100 most populated U.S. cities, and offers data on every U.S. president.

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U.S. Historical Documents

This app allows you to highlight and leave inline notes on some 200 of the nations most treasured documents, including the inaugural addresses of all U.S. presidents, and search for specific passages within each text. The app costs 99 cents.

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For $1.99, the U.S. presidents and other historical figures all deliver their best lines in this app.

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It might be Presidents Day, but spare a thought for the legislators at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue with this 99 cent app, which provides information on current representatives in Congress, including biographical information and how to contact them.

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This presidential app includes each leaders National Portrait Gallery image, their previous occupations before coming to the White House, and generalized information about the office of the presidency. All for 99 cents.

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This free app offers a copy of the U.S. Constitution on your iPhone or iPod Touch, for quick reference.

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American Presidents—2 in 1

This $1.99 reference app for U.S. presidents includes a quiz game for testing your knowledge of historys chief executives.

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