Top 5 Mobile Apps for Holiday Shoppers

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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Holiday Shoppers

by Darryl Taft

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WootWatch, although not Woot's official app, is a great way to bring the essential information to a mobile device screen and make purchases easy. Its tagline: "We keep track of your favorite one item per day Website so you won't miss out on a great deal today or tomorrow." For the thrifty shopper this season, WootWatch is a great app to use on the commute.

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MasterCards Priceless Picks

MasterCard's Priceless Picks is a mashup of augmented reality and consumer-generated content that can highlight location-specific businesses and promotions. It is an initial step toward the rapidly approaching convergence of mobile, social and commerce. It's also a great app for finding a deal.

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The Amazon Cart

The Amazon Cart application is a great simplified version of the shopping experience. It's synchronized with your Amazon cart and allows for one-click "Buy Now" purchases. With mobile commerce enabled by Amazon, we should see the biggest holiday sales on mobile devices to date.

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The App Store

The App Store offers the ability to purchase apps with only a few clicks. Apple's simplified payment system makes it extremely efficient and addictive to purchase applications while on the go. This season, you can purchase apps like G-Park (you'll never forget where you parked), the (you'll know your real-time account balance and can even identify expenditures by category), or Save Benjis (after you take a picture of something you want, it will find comparable online prices for you).

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AroundMe aggregates restaurants, cash machines, coffee shops, etc., and finds the closest location for you. It will help shoppers who are out and about this season, seeking either a nice place for a lunch break, or if you need to find the closest ATM.

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