Tour The Google Nexus One Webstore

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Tour The Google Nexus One Webstore

by Clint Boulton

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Google Webstore

This landing page for Google's Webstore prominently features the Nexus One next to a button that takes users to the purchase options.

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Click an App Icon

In a super efficient demo, Google invites users to click an app icon on the phone displayed here to see how each app looks on the Nexus One.

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Nexus One 3D Tour

Want to see something snazzier? Google offers this 3D tour of the Nexus One features. It takes several seconds to load, but when it does, users can click on the pull cord and click to see the phone's dimensions, weight, screen, feel and accessories.

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You Can Almost Imagine It in Your Hand ...

Clicking on the feel button lets users match what the phone would look like in their hand.

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Tech Specs

Google lays out the technical specifications of the Nexus One on one big Web page.

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What Does This Button Do?

Additional specs explain what each button on the Nexus One does. Also covered are graphics, video, audio and language support.

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Buy It!

Clicking on the Get The Phone button pulls up purchase plans for the Nexus One. Note the buttons preparing consumers for the Nexus One support from Verizon and Vodafone. Users can also click a button to get alerts about when the Nexus One is available from Verizon and Vodafone to their Gmail account.

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SIM Card Check

Read this page to see if your phone's SIM card will work in the Nexus One.

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Check The Coverage

Google offers this Google Map for T-Mobile customers to see if they're covered with the Nexus One.

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Here is the support page for the Google Nexus One.

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