Twitter for BlackBerry Launches

Research In Motion has launched its official Twitter for BlackBerry application after months in beta. The launch version features several new features added from feedback during the beta.

Research In motion has launched its official Twitter for BlackBerry application after months in beta.

RIM officials said the new Twitter for BlackBerry 1.0 app went live on the evening of July 6. The Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones beta started in April and during the course of the preview, RIM released one update to the application, the company said.

With Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones, users can get their Direct Messages as soon as they arrive. It even works with the BlackBerry Browser and BlackBerry smartphone camera, so it only takes a moment to post a link or upload a picture directly to Twitter. Plus, users can follow friends, search for a topic of interest and more, RIM officials said.

The new 1.0 version also features "Go to User"-the ability to access any user's profile from anywhere in the application using auto-complete functionality for followers, company officials said.

Features at launch for the Twitter for BlackBerry application include: Push notifications for Direct Messages; timeline support; support for following and followers; support for posting, sending, deleting, replying and retweeting Tweets; support for trending topics; seamless integration into core BlackBerry applications; and URL shortening, among other features.

Meanwhile, new features added during the beta period include: auto complete for @ usernames, the ability to view photos from Yfrog and Tweetphoto, the ability to view geotagged Tweets, and hotkeys for navigation, among others.

The application will be available on BlackBerry App World in the social networking category.