Twitter for Windows Phone Ready for ATandT, T-Mobile Handsets

Twitter Oct. 28 rolled out Twitter for Windows Phone for Windows Phone 7 handsets. AT&T and T-Mobile will offer the first Windows Phone 7 devices next month.

Twitter Oct. 28 embraced Microsoft's new smartphone platform with the launch of Twitter for Windows Phone, a new application for Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Twitter said the app will help users access their tweets easily from any Windows Phone 7 device, and includes the typical timeline, suggested users, messages, and lists.

Leland Rechis, who leads mobile product development at Twitter, praised the Windows Phone 7 design and user interface--dubbed Metro by Microsoft--is simple and easy to use.

Metro provides a Pivots feature that let users swipe left or right to view different information types within an app. Specifically for Twitter for Windows Phone, users use Pivots to swipe left to right to move from their timeline to mentions to direct messages.

Twitter is being proactive with the Windows Phone app, as Windows Phone 7 devices won't hit the market until the second week of November.

Microsoft is betting heavily on this platform to save itself from becoming irrelevant in the smartphone market after the rise of Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

AT&T will launch its first Windows Phone 7 device Nov. 8, followed by two more during the month. T-Mobile said it would begin selling the HTC HD 7Windows Phone 7 handset in mid-November.

Twitter for Windows Phone comes toward the end of a year when the company drew the ire of third-party developers by building its own Blackberry and iPhone apps and Android apps. Twitter launched Twitter for iPad in September.

Twitter, basking in the glow of a redesign, is focusing heavily on making ad dollars from Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts.