TwitterPeek: The Single-Purpose Tweeting Device

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TwitterPeek: The Single-Purpose Tweeting Device

by Clint Boulton

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TwitterPeek Package

The box, decked out in Twitter blue and logo, proudly displays Peek's Wired award.

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TwitterPeek Pouch

The device has its own pouch protector.

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The TwitterPeek

Meet the TwitterPeek. At 4 inches long, 2.7 inches wide and one-quarter inch thick, the device looks like a calculator, but it isn't. It sports a full QWERTY keyboard and the Peek team has added a number of nice shortcuts to make navigating Twitter a breeze.

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Turn It On!

The welcome screen is very Twitter-like and takes you through step-by-step instructions on how to use the device. After you learn how to use the scroll wheel and other key buttons, log into Twitter with your user name and password.

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TwitterPeek Flanked by Droid, Eris

For better perspective on the TwitterPeek's dimensions, we sandwiched the device between the Motorola Droid and HTC Eris smartphones.

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The Back

The device is sleek and metallic, making it quite sturdy. We dropped it a few times and experienced no disruption in service.

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The Side

TwitterPeek is super-thin, fitting easily in the palm of one's hand.

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Easy Typing

The raised buttons make the TwitterPeek a pleasure to type on, which is good because it's the only way to interface with the device, after the scroll wheel, which also serves as the enter button.

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The lithium battery lasts a full day's tweeting. Plug it in to recharge.

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