Unisys Stealth for Mobile Protects Devices From Cyber-Threats

Stealth for Mobile uses advanced data cloaking and encryption techniques to help organizations mitigate cyber-security attacks and hacker incidents.

Unisys announced the availability of its Stealth for Mobile platform, which enables secure access from data centers to the applications on mobile devices.

The offering grants users access rights based on identity, to help ensure authorized users reach or have visibility to only the information they are approved to access or see. The platform is transparent to users, who will have the same access rights no matter which device they use to access the data center.

In addition, the platform combines Unisys Stealth technology with application wrapping security software that allows users to define specific security policies on a per-mobile application basis. Stealth for Mobile then adds a layer of identity-based security that gives users access and visibility rights to only the assets within the data center they are entitled to access and see.

"Stealth for Mobile allows enterprises to capitalize on the productivity gains and customer service improvements associated with mobility and consumerization of IT, while increasing assurance that their critical data remains safe," Rod Sapp, vice president of products and technology at Unisys, said in a statement. "Unlike other security solutions such as virtual private networks, Stealth for Mobile cryptographically protects data all the way to the application—a much more secure approach for BYOD environments."

Stealth uses advanced data cloaking and encryption techniques to help organizations mitigate cyber-security attacks and hacker incidents by rendering devices, data and users virtually invisible on the network. The solution creates secure user communities within an enterprise where only authorized users can access or see information.

Unisys has entered into a worldwide reseller agreement to offer Mocana MAP, an application wrapping software, in connection with Stealth for Mobile. Unisys also is a customer of Mocana MAP, in support of Unisys internal mobile initiatives.

The announcement comes as rapid proliferation of bring-your-own device (BYOD) initiatives in the workplace has resulted in an alarming increase in cyber-security risks. Within the next two years, hundreds of millions of people are expected to be using smartphones for work, and many of them will be employee-owned devices.

However, mobile security is still a top concern among IT professionals as well as for employees using BYOD systems, according to The BYOD and Mobility Security Report, which surveyed 1,650 information security professionals around the world through Holger Schulze's Information Security Community group on LinkedIn.

The survey, sponsored by endpoint management and security solutions specialist Lumension Security, revealed mandatory use of encryption was cited as a risk-control measure for mobile devices by 40 percent of respondents. Encryption is considered best equipped to deal with lost or stole devices, which was the third-ranked security concern, after lost data and unauthorized access. The majority of respondents were information security specialists in organizations of between 10 and 99 employees.