Updated iPad, AirPower Charging Mat to Debut at Apple Event: Reports

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Updated iPad, AirPower Charging Mat to Debut at Apple Event: Reports

Apple is hard at work on new iPads and potentially new Macs that it could unveil at a hardware-focused press event in March, according to multiple new reports. The notoriously secretive Apple has of course kept those plans close to the vest, but rumors suggest it will introduce at least one updated iPad model with an all-new design as well as the Face ID biometric security feature to match Apple’s iPhone X. Also look for a cheaper MacBook Air as well as an update to some of the tablet’s most important features. Other reports indicate Apple will announce a shipment date for the AirPower charging pad it announced in 2017. Read on to learn more what Apple might introduce at its March media briefing.

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There’s Lots of Talk About an Updated iPad

One of the more common rumors surrounding a possible Apple March event centers on the possibility of a new iPad design. According to several reports, Apple introduced an updated iPad with minimized bezels around the screen and possible remove the physical home button in favor of a virtual button on the display. Apple could also be ready to shift to OLED screens from the current LCD technology to make the iPad look far more like an iPhone X.

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Will Apple Add Face ID to the iPad?

Since its debut last year on the iPhone X, Apple’s Face ID has been praised as a fast, fairly reliable and secure biometric security system. Now the company is planning to bring Face ID to its new iPads, according to reports. However, it’s believed that Face ID, because of its cost, will come to iPad Pro models first before being added to other models later.

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A Possible iPhone SE 2 Debut

Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone SE has been selling reasonably well, but it’s time for a refresh.  Some reports churning out of the rumor mill say March is the perfect time for Apple to showcase a new version of the handset. Look for the iPhone SE to have more powerful processor and perhaps a design refresh. It could also be available sometime soon.

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Lower Cost iPad Could Be in Offing Too

Besides improving its iPad line with a new an updated design, Apple could showcase some new tablets that appeal more to budget-conscious shoppers. Apple’s iPad Mini, for instance, could get some minor updates but keep its lower price tag, according to reports. The company could also offer at least one version of its 9.7-inch iPad that comes with an affordable price tag.

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It’s Time to Announce AirPower Shipment Date

When Apple unveiled its AirPower wireless charging pad last year, the company failed to provide an exact release date. But rumblings of late have suggested that the AirPower is now ready for shipment at Apple’s next press event. No reliable details have emerged on pricing and an exact release date.

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Apple Likely to Bring Back Product(RED)

Other rumors suggest that Apple will renew its Product(RED) program, which is a charitable campaign to raise funds to help treat and prevent HIV/AIDs around the world. Some recent rumors have said that Apple will unveil a new line of Product(RED) products at a March event, including an iPhone X that could come with the in the red color that is the hallmark of the fund-raising campaign

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Look for a Wireless Charging AirPods Case

If Apple announces a shipment date for the AirPower charging mat at a March event, the company will likely announce the availability of wireless charging cases for its AirPods wireless earbuds. It might sound like a small thing, but AirPods wireless charging cases have topped lists of most-wanted Apple accessories for quite some time. With AirPower launching soon, it would only make sense for that case to launch along with it.

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There’s Talk of an Apple Watch Software Update

There likely won’t be a new Apple Watch at the company’s March event, but there could be some updates to the device. According to reports, Apple is working on a sizable software update to the Apple Watch that it might announce at the March event. The company could also showcase some new watchbands that customers can buy alongside the smartwatch, reports say.

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Some Important Data Points

Apple has been hit hard this year with problems with iPhone batteries, reports that its iPhone X isn’t selling well and concern that HomePod won’t take off. In years past, when faced with similar challenges, Apple has responded with sales figures that demonstrate how popular its products are and how it’s business is doing. Apple may feel it needs to do the same this this year to counter recent negative reports.

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Will New Macs Debut at the Show?

Several rumors have suggested that Apple is working on a new version of its MacBook. Although details are slim, the latest rumors say Apple will offer a cheaper MacBook Air sooner rather than later. Reports suggest that an updated model with improved features and a streamlined design could show up at the March media briefing.

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