US Charters of Freedom ($4.99)

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US Charters of Freedom ($4.99)

OK, let's get the big important (read: boring but necessary) app out of the way. The Fourth isn't just about fireworks and BBQs, it's also about recognizing the historic and bloody foundation of America, so reading up on the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution would do you good.

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Vintage July 4th Cards ($1.99)

Celebrate the holiday with a healthy dollop of nostalgia with these vintage Independence Day cards.

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BANG! 4th of July (Free)

This tactical, virtual board game in which every player has a different role and objective, but the roles are secret, has an American Revolution edition with combating Patriots and Loyalists, five roles and 80 cards to win the war.

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4th of July Recipes ($0.99)

More than 200 lip-smacking, patriotic meals for Independence Day, with tips, techniques and unique ideas, such as Star Spangled Pie; Red, White and Blue ice cream cake; and Lemon Firecrackers. Yum.Â

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United States Quizzle (Free)

Do you know Rhode Island's state bird? What about California's state tree? And what exactly, may we ask, is the capital of North Dakota? If you don't know the answers to these questions, this America-themed Quizzle is perfect for you.

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Fireworks Pop ($0.99)

Who needs the professionals? Create your own pyrotechnic extravaganza this July Fourth, with the ability to select styles and colors, and then sequence your own shows to share with friends.

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Roadside Presidents ($2.99)

This app provides information on more than 1,100 presidential landmarks, from museums and birthplaces to unusual statues and scandal and conspiracy sites.

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Today in American History ($0.99)

Just because the Fourth is the most important day in the country's history doesn't mean there aren't thousands of others. Keep the spirit of the stars and stripes alive every day with a guide to the events that shaped America, day by day.

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Kick the Buddy: Independence Day (Free)

A great way to entertain yourself and relax, you can batter up against your target with fireworks, shoot from artillery guns or even participate in a parade.

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Revolutionary War Site Locator ($1.99)

Get a better sense of how America gained its independence with this travel app, which lets you find hundreds of sites specific to the Revolutionary War through a user-friendly interactive map.

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