View Stored iWork Files

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View Stored iWork Files

Apps such as Apple's iWork for iOS that save data to the iCloud service can display their stored data in the application or from the Preferences pane.

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One Cloud, Many Clients

Users will appreciate iOS 5's iCloud-based synchronization of media subscriptions, reminders and other information.

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Flag Mail Easily

The Mail app in iOS 5 now offers the ability to mark messages as read or unread, and has more granular settings for mail reception.

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Expanded Location Services

Location awareness is a hallmark of iOS 5, but early reports suggest that Apples engineers may have gone overboard, leading to reduced battery life.

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Storage Use Displayed With Details

Data may expand to fill the available space, but iOS 5 lets users ride herd on what applications are using the most storage.

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Refreshed Apps for a Refreshed OS

After upgrading a device to iOS 5, one will want to make sure that apps are also updated, in order to take advantage of new features such as iCloud.

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Year-at-a-Glance View

Apples iPad tablets gain the ability to view an entire calendar year, thanks to the iOS 5 update. Highlighted dates have an event or appointment associated with them.

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Setting Up iMessage

The new iMessage client can be set up to fall back to a carriers SMS network when the service is otherwise unavailable.

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