What Apple Is Apt to Show at WWDC, From iOS 9 to Music Streaming

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will run from June 8 to 12 and is expected to cover lots of intriguing topics, from iOS 9 to Apple Watch and more. 

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When Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference opens in San Francisco June 8, some 5,000 Apple developers will again assemble at Ground Zero to focus on their application-building and device-configuring livelihoods.

And there will be plenty to cover, with a wide assortment of topics, workshops, seminars and hands-on training, much of which non-attendees can share via streaming video.

While Apple hasn't yet unveiled details of what it will announce, moment to moment, here are some expected highlights for the conference, which is sure to have the attention of dedicated Apple fans around the world.

First, it wouldn't be a WWDC event without details about updated Apple device operating systems. Certainly, there will be information about an expected iOS 9 mobile operating system, including new capabilities and features, as well as a new version of the OS X desktop and laptop operating system with more new features and fixes.

At WWDC, Apple will reportedly announce its forthcoming music streaming service as a $10-a-month service that it hopes will make paying customers out of consumers who presently are getting their streaming music elsewhere, eWEEK reported recently. The idea of Apple offering such a service has been around for a while, especially since the company's purchase of Beats Electronics in May 2014, which included the Beats Music streaming division as well as that company's headphone business.

And Apple Watch updates are sure to be a hot topic, including the rumored availability of a new Apple Watch app toolkit for developers that will allow them to make improvements that help apps work better on the devices. The Watch app toolkit reportedly will address app-loading slowness users are experiencing, according to reports. Some 4,000 apps have been built so far for the Apple Watch, with many more expected.

What won't likely be at WWDC next week is much news about any new versions of Apple TV, according to reports. Apple certainly isn't talking about the technology lately.

So will there be any surprises? It's always possible, so Apple fans will have to wait and watch for details from Cupertino.

The WWDC features more than 100 technical sessions, more than 1,000 Apple engineers, hands-on labs and the Apple Design Awards presentation. In addition, development tracks will dive deeply into iOS, OS X and just about everything related to the Apple ecosystem. The WWDC will be held at the Moscone Center West facility in San Francisco.

Developers who are not able to obtain tickets for the event will be able to watch many of the conference events online through live-streamed presentations.

The WWDC event will include sessions on a wide range of development opportunities, including the latest advancements in Apple technologies, such as user-interface design across the Apple platform. Developers will gain insights into making their apps and games more intuitive, usable, beautiful, engaging and entertaining, and they can pick up design tips on best practices in typography, animation, navigation and more, according to Apple.

Attendees will also be able to learn more about building modern apps with a comprehensive set of platform-optimized frameworks, while taking advantage of the latest APIs, including the essential UIKit and AppKit frameworks on which the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac are built. Details will also be shared about how to conserve battery power, improve launch times, make the best use of system resources and more.

Development strategies for the new Apple Watch will be very prominent, including how to use Apple's WatchKit to create Apple Watch apps that complement iPhone apps, while enabling fast and focused interactions for users. Developers will be able to learn how to customize notifications and optimize communications with their iPhone apps, while properly incorporating fundamental principles of typography, layout and color, according to Apple.

WWDC will also cover health and fitness apps, as Apple experts demonstrate the use of HealthKit and ResearchKit.

Games and entertainment apps will also be covered, as well as audio, video and other content apps, Apple tools and languages (including Swift, Xcode and others).

Special tracks on Apple use in the enterprise will also be featured as the company dives deeper into business security, privacy, secure networking and more in the workplace, according to Apple.

Developers will also be able to test their code in code labs where Apple experts and peers will evaluate them and offer feedback.