White iPhone 4: 10 Reasons Apple Should Kill It

News Analysis: Repeated delays in the production of Apple's White iPhone 4 raise the question of whether it's really worth the trouble now that it won't hit store shelves until spring 2011.

Apple announced recently that it has officially delayed its white iPhone 4 until next spring, due to more manufacturing challenges that it didn't anticipate when it first announced the device earlier this year. At this point, few are surprised by the delay. Originally, the white smartphone was supposed to be made available in July. It was then pushed back to sometime this year. Another delay is nothing new.

But by delaying the white iPhone 4 until next year, Apple is causing some critics to wonder why the device is even worth pursuing. Apple might not want the white phone to give it a black eye, but if it's having such trouble getting the device produced properly, it shouldn't waste its time. Apple is a major company with tons of cash. If that isn't enough to save the white iPhone, why should it continue to try?

So, give up on the white iPhone 4, Apple. It's the smart move right now and here's why:

1. It isn't necessary

Let's face it, the white iPhone 4 is a neat-looking smartphone, but it's not really necessary. The black version of the device is doing just fine, and considering that the delayed smartphone only offers a color change, it's hard to see why many folks would even care if Apple didn't produce it. If Apple was, in fact, performing poorly at retail with its iPhone, the company might be able to make a case for pursuing the white version-but, as we all know, the iPhone is doing just fine without it.

2. It's obviously hard to manufacture

There comes a point at which it's simply not worth pursuing a product when it becomes too difficult to manufacture. It seems that, thus far, Apple has hit that point with the white iPhone 4. The company has had nothing but "challenges" trying to build this smartphone model. And chances are that Steve Jobs has been stewing over these issues. Apple has reached that point: The best course of action now is to simply cut its losses and acknowledge that the device is too difficult develop.

3. Wait for the next iPhone

If Apple definitely wants to offer a white iPhone, maybe the company should consider waiting until next year when it releases an update to the iPhone 4. At that point, the time crunch will be gone, and customers will have a new perspective on securing a white iPhone. What's more, it would preserve Steve Jobs' desire to never admit when he's wrong about something.

4. Most have gone to the black version

Even though some folks are still holding out hope for a white iPhone 4, the vast majority of customers have happily opted for the black version of the device. They've reasoned that waiting for the white model just isn't worth it, and attempting to gauge when Apple will finally get around to releasing one is more trouble than it's worth. Realizing that, maybe it's time that Apple follows suit and ditches any hope of getting the white smartphone to store shelves.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...