White or Black—You Decide

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White or Black—You Decide

Although companies like Nokia have been delivering multiple color options in their smartphone line, Apple has so far balked at the idea. Instead, the iPhone maker has only offered a white or black iPhone. When the iPhone 5 launches, expect Apple to do the same and only offer a white or black version.

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A Bigger Display

Apple's 3.5-inch iPhone display is quickly becoming a liability as competitors offer everything from 4.3- to 4.65-inch displays. When the iPhone 5 launches, there's no doubt that it'll come with a larger screen. How much larger? Well, that's up to Apple. But don't expect anything smaller than a 4-inch screen.

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When Apple launched the new iPad, the company finally bundled 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) service with the device. Now, with the iPhone 5 slated to launch in the coming months, there's no reason for Apple not to offer the same connectivity option in its new handset. Looking ahead, 4G LTE is the future.

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Apple iOS 6

This one is arguably the easiest prediction to make: Apple will be bringing iOS 6 to the iPhone 5. Historically, the company has always launched a new software version with its new iPhone, and 2012 will be no different. Expect to find iOS 6 running on Apple's iPhone 5.

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An Improved Siri

Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri made an appearance for the first time in the company's iPhone 4S. In the iPhone 5, the platform, which is currently in beta, will likely come with a host of new features and improvements that should dramatically improve the Siri experience. An improved Siri will make its presence felt in the iPhone 5.

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The A5X Processor

When Apple launched the new iPad, the company was expected to offer the A6 processor. Instead, it bundled the A5X processor in the device. When the iPhone 5 launches, expect Apple to bring the same A5X processor to the smartphone. The A6 option will have to wait until next year.

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A New Design

There's no debating that Apple will be bringing a new design to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S come with the same design, making the look and feel of the device rather stale. Apple will freshen up the platform in the iPhone 5 with a new and improved design.

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Better Battery Life

With each new iPhone launch, Apple makes it a point to tell the world that its latest release comes with a better battery life than its predecessor. Considering that, 2012 should be no different. Expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to take the stage this summer (or fall) and point out better battery life.

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Full Carrier Agnosticism

One of the nicest things about Apple's iPhone is that it's no longer tied to a single carrier. Customers who want the iPhone 4S, for example, can get it from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and a host of regional carriers. When the iPhone 5 launches, expect Apple to make the device available to all of those carriers, as well. Apple realizes that in order to be successful, carrier agnosticism is an absolute necessity.

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A Not-So-Touch-Only Device

An increasing number of devices are launching nowadays without any physical button on the face. The idea is to make the product as forward-thinking as possible. But as Apple has proven time and again, ditching physical buttons for the sake of doing it doesn't necessarily create a better device. Expect the iPhone 5 to come with the same, old Home button you've come to know and, in some cases, love.

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