Why Charge 2 Will Help Fitbit Keep Title as Top Wearables Maker

1 - Why Charge 2 Will Help Fitbit Keep Title as Top Wearables Maker
2 - More to See
3 - … And More to Carry
4 - Sharp Design
5 - Redesigned Charging Cable
6 - Interchangeable Bands
7 - Take a Breath
8 - Finding One's Fitness Level
9 - On the Move
10 - Fun, Feature-Packed App
11 - Connected GPS
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Why Charge 2 Will Help Fitbit Keep Title as Top Wearables Maker

Wearables leader Fitbit is looking to keep its top position in the market with its new Charge 2, which boasts a larger, brighter screen and more features than its predecessor.

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More to See

First things first, the Charge 2 boasts a bigger, brighter OLED screen than its predecessor—four times the size, in fact. Now wearers can keep track of the time at the same time they're cycling through their step counts, heart rate data and other fitness statistics. The bigger screen also allows more room for the whimsical celebratory animations that spring to life when a step goal is reached.

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… And More to Carry

Bucking the trend to make devices thinner and lighter, the Charge 2 is considerably bigger and heavier than the Charge HR. Although both are equally as wide when viewed head-on, the Charge 2 is thicker, meaning that it sticks out above one's wrist a little further. It also feels a bit heavier, but the good news is that after a short period of adjustment, it hardly matters.

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Sharp Design

Two strips of silver flank the Charge 2's face, adding some visual flair and lending a touch of sophistication to the device. Fans of the Charge HR's plain looks may feel differently, however. A special edition black and gunmetal version is in the works for those who prefer a more understated device, but it costs more ($179.95).

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Redesigned Charging Cable

Two features make the new USB charging cable a godsend. First, it's longer than the comically short cable that's included with the Charge HR. Next, its new design clamps the device, securely holding the charging pins to the back of the device.

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Interchangeable Bands

Now, buyers aren't stuck with the color they picked the day they bought their new Charge. Like the Fitbit Alta and Blaze, users can pick up different bands, including new high-end leather versions.

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Take a Breath

Charge 2 adds some new tricks to the stock Fitbit experience. Among them are personalized on-device breathing exercises that use the device's heart tracking capabilities to help users find relaxation and calm, a welcome counterbalance to Fitbit's activity-focused feature set.

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Finding One's Fitness Level

Another feature, called Cardio Fitness Level, helps determine a user's cardio fitness level and score using an estimated VO2 Max score—the maximum volume of oxygen used during exercise—using heart rate, exercise and profile data.

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On the Move

It's easy to settle into an office chair and let the hours pass. The new Reminders to Move feature motivates wearers to get up and get some steps in. (Don't worry, it can be disabled.)

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Fun, Feature-Packed App

Improved hardware is only half of the Charge 2's appeal. Fitbit's slick app for iOS (and Android) makes it easy, and even a little fun, to delve into one's health data and keep track of workouts. Its features are too numerous to list, but suffice it to say, the home dashboard barely scratches the surface.

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Connected GPS

Although it lacks built-in GPS, the Charge 2 does the next best thing. It links to a smartphone's GPS to keep more precise track of a runner's or cyclist's pace and distance. Users can also view a map of their route on the Fitbit App. Speaking of which …

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