Wireless Broadband Alliance Helps International Travelers

Wireless Broadband Roaming Control Panel enables users to access home log-in interface, regardless of location.

Forget about language barriers. As one of the ways to enhance user experience, the Wireless Broadband Alliance, formed in March this year, has developed a Wireless Broadband Roaming Control Panel that enables the home log-in interface of the travelling user to be shown, regardless of location.

Such an initiative is particularly important as the Alliance prepares to roll out a pilot trial for international wireless broadband roaming in four countries with different native languages. As of today, Australias Telstra, China Netcom, Malaysias Maxis Communications and Singapores StarHub users will be able to roam internationally to 13,000 wireless hotspots under the Alliance at no additional charge during the pilot trial.

Adding to the cosmopolitan pool soon is Korea Telecom, which is expected to participate in the pilot trial by the end of the year.

The Wireless Broadband Roaming Control Panel will thus benefit roaming users who do not understand the language of the country theyve roamed to. By providing an interface that users are familiar with, the Control Panel removes the need to learn new log-in processes in foreign languages.

Another initiative by the Alliance is the introduction of a new logo, designed to symbolize global convergence. This new logo will be displayed at locations where international business travellers are present and roaming is available.

Hoping to generate greater cross-border integration and mutually-beneficial services, the Alliance has also signed on three major wireless operators from North America and Europe: T-Mobile (USA), T-Mobile (UK) and British Telecom (UK).

However, the single biggest truth about Wi-Fi is that it has to be cheap. On that, officials from the Alliance and its partners refused to commit any details on the pricing strategy for the roaming service during a video-conference led by Telstra in late July.