Wireless Web Digest: Cisco Rings Up Wi-Fi

In this expansion edition of the Supersite's Web Digest, Cisco expands into Wi-Fi-based phones, South Korea seeks to expand its spectrum options, Verizon tries to expand its reach, and more...

Cisco Wi-Fi Phone Due in June

Cisco Systems intends to introduce a portable Wi-Fi phone in the next few months. The 7920 phone is essentially a wireless version of Ciscos 7960 IP phone, which uses a wired Ethernet connection to make and receive telephone calls. However, the 7920 will have a wireless handset that uses an offices Wi-Fi network to connect. The device will start shipping in June, executives said Friday. Its price has not yet been disclosed.

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South Korea to push for 2.3GHz wireless Internet

South Korea is reconfiguring the 2.3GHz spectrum into a wireless Internet access service in a bid to overcome the coverage restrictions of conventional wireless LAN and the steep costs of third-generation mobile Internet access. The move comes as the Ministry of Information and Communication weighs various options to allocate the 2.3GHz spectrum for commercial purposes. Korea already offers Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz range.

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Builders Plot Wireless Homes

New buildings could be designed and built with wireless networks installed, if a construction companys latest initiative proves successful. Laing ORourke plans to use Wi-Fi technology on its construction sites and to develop wireless-friendly buildings. And the builder is considering the option of leaving the hotspots for its clients to use when the buildings are complete. "We are looking at what materials the building should be made of to make it Wi-Fi friendly," said Sam Simons, director of strategy at Laing ORourke.

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Verizon Looks to Expand Its Reach

Verizon Communications is close to enlisting a new version of fixed wireless technology to expand its broadband network to 25 percent more homes and offices, a company executive said. Brian H. Whitton, who is overseeing the carriers broadband expansion, is expected to make an announcement soon on the companys plans to use the technology. If Verizon decides to add fixed wireless into its expansion plans, other carriers are likely to follow, resulting in more business for fixed wireless broadband makers such as BeamReach Networks, which is supplying equipment for Verizon to test. A no-vote from Verizon, on the other hand, could dampen the enthusiasm of Sprint and other major carriers testing similar equipment. Sprint is testing a service based on equipment from Navini Networks and IPWireless.

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VIA to launch 802.11b chips in 2Q, GbE single chips in July

VIA Networking Solution (VNS) said it will launch an 802.11b MAC/baseband single chip this quarter. In an effort to strengthen its competitiveness and reduce its dependence on foreign RF chip vendors, VNS also plans to launch an 802.11b single-chip solution incorporating a MAC, baseband and RF transceiver next year, according to Paul Hsu, executive assistant to VIAs president.

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