Wireless Web Digest: Emotions Run High In Spectrum Hearing

At a congressional hearing this week, lawmakers pressed their case to move broadcasters off of valuable spectrum so fire, police and rescuers could more effectively communicate. Wireless Nokia Warns That Handset Sales Growth Could Be Lower

Emotions Run High In Spectrum Hearing

Emotions flared at a House hearing Wednesday on spectrum needs for emergency responders as some lawmakers pressed their case that broadcasters should be moved almost immediately off of valuable spectrum so fire, police and rescuers could more effectively communicate. Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., said communications is the single biggest problem emergency responders have had in the last few decades. Weldon, a former volunteer firefighter, has been in the forefront of efforts to bolster homeland defenses after the September 2001 terrorist attacks.

At the same time the representatives were making their statements, the House voted overwhelmingly to pass H.R. 1320, the Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act, with a vote of 408-10. H.R. 1320 creates a pay-back fund for military spectrum-moving expenses. Bipartisan companion legislation (S. 865) has been introduced in the U.S. Senate.

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Wireless Nokia Warns That Handset Sales Growth Could Be Lower

Nokia said this week that sales of its handsets could be at the low end of its earlier forecasts in the current quarter because of a European economic slowdown and the dollars slide. Nokia said growth in sales of its cell phones would likely be on the low end of the 4 percent to 12 percent range it has forecast. The worlds biggest mobile phone maker also cautioned that lingering fears about the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Asia would likely impact sales there, particularly in China where the company is making a big push to sell phones.

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TDK Adds Bluetooth to Arcade Games, Cash Registers and More

TDK Systems this week released a range of Bluetooth adaptors which can be used to embed wireless capabilities in new equipment or add cable-free connection to legacy hardware. A Bluetooth protocol stack is embedded in each product, which means they appear as a standard serial connection to external devices. The range offers a selection of RS232, USB and PCMCIA interfaces. Designers of cash registers, gaming machines, utility meters, CCTV systems in large buildings and intermittent cycling equipment such as air conditioners have all expressed interest in the technology, according to TDK.

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Microsoft Throws Weight Behind RFID

Microsoft this week said it joined in an effort to develop standards for radio frequency identification technology, which proponents say will someday replace bar codes used on many products today. The company will work with AutoID, a joint venture of the Uniform Code Council and EAN International. Microsofts efforts with AutoID will initially focus on manufacturing and retail supply chains, company officials said.

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NetMotion, AT&T Wireless Team on GPRS

NetMotion Wireless, a software provider for enterprise networks, has been tapped by AT&T Wireless to provide VPN services for its GPRS network. Under the deal, AT&T Wireless is making the companys NetMotion Mobility product the centerpiece of its recommended VPN. The NetMotion Mobility product is a layer of software that helps mobile device users roam between different networks such as from Wi-Fi-enabled access, to an older CDPD network to a GPRS network. As major carriers shut down their CDPD networks to switch customers to faster networks such GPRS and CDMA2000, NetMotion Wireless is one of the software companies helping clients, such as municipal and public networks, manage the switch.

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