Wireless Web Digest: Music To Your Tooth

Among this week's top stories from around the Web, Sony Ericsson reveals a new gizmo that uses Bluetooth to connect an MP3 player to the rest of your personal network. Is this the start of the Bluetooth appliance?

Gen-WAN Technology Launches 802.16a WLAN Equipment

Taiwan-based network equipment maker Gen-WAN Technology recently launched broadband wireless network equipment using the 802.16a standard, a newly approved IEEE standard supporting the wireless MAN (metropolitan area network) air interface. Company chairman Peter Hsu said the companys broadband wireless Internet access (BWIA) system includes base stations, fixed and mobile subscriber terminals, transponding repeaters and network management system. The 802.16a standard operates in the 2GHz to 11GHz band and sends and receives data, voice and images to up to six kilometers, with an upload speed at 14Mbps, download speed at 20Mbps.

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Intel Invests In Four WLAN Companies

The Intel Communications Fund on Sunday announced an investment in four WLAN companies: rovingIP.net, Vivato, Broadreach Networks and Pronto Networks. Financial terms of the investments were not disclosed. Intel has completed seven investments in Wi-Fi companies since October, when Intel announced plans to invest $150 million in WLAN companies. "These investments are part of Intels efforts to help accelerate the deployment of high-speed wireless networks worldwide," said Mark Christensen, Intel vice president and director of Intel Capitals Communications Sector, in a statement.

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Europe Promised Rash of Wi-Fi Hot Spots

International telecommunications company Swisscom announced Friday that it acquired Megabeam Networks, a U.K.-based provider of Wi-Fi hot spots. Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed. The company also bought WLAN, a German public wireless LAN provider, to gain a wider pan-European footprint. A new organization called Swisscom Eurospot will be set up on the back of the deals. Swisscom Eurospot will deal with end-users, resellers and location partners for wireless hot spots in 12 European countries.

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Audio-Video Player to Sport Phone

A Taiwanese electronics maker plans this year to begin selling a portable device thats half digital audio-video player and half cell phone. The device will sport Microsofts as-yet-unreleased Media To Go operating system. The Benq multimedia player/phone will sport a 10GB or 20GB 1.8-inch hard disk. When launched in August or September, the device will cost $399 for the 10GB version and $499 for the 20GB version.

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Sony Launches Bluetooth-Enabled MP3 Player

Sony Ericsson last week unveiled an MP3 player that doubles as a headset for any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. The HBM-30 can also be used without being connected to a phone. Consumers can update their music library by using the music recording function of the HBM-30, or by using a PC. The HBM-30 comes with a 64 MB Memory Stick Duo and will start shipping during second half of 2003.

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Wi-Fi Switching Adds Wireless Control

Wireless LAN switching centralizes control of access points and wireless switching much like intelligent switching did for the wired world. Wireless switches serve as the brains of a wireless LAN system by constantly monitoring air space, network growth and user density, and dynamically adjusting bandwidth, access control, quality of service and other parameters as mobile users roam through the corporation. The technology is unique in its ability to control each access points power and channel settings, and store configuration data. For instance, when an access point failure occurs, the wireless LAN switch automatically detects the failure and instructs nearby access points to adjust power and channel settings to compensate. When a new access point is installed, it is automatically discovered by a wireless LAN switch that uploads the appropriate power and channel settings.

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