Wireless Web Digest: New Verizon Phones Combine Cordless, Cellular

Verizon Communications' Verizon Avenue unit has announced its 'One' phone, a prototype cordless-at-home and cellular phone to be rolled out early next year. CeBIT Panel: Critical Wireless Apps Slowed By Maturity, Standardization Issues Sy

CeBIT Panel: Critical Wireless Apps Slowed By Maturity, Standardization Issues

Wireless networks and technologies have to become considerably more standardized and reliable before the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) even considers porting mission-critical or time-sensitive applications to mobile platforms. The maturity problem has been exacerbated by the economic problems encountered by the telecommunications industry, leading to an underinvestment in research and development for next-generation wireless technologies, said Martin P. Colburn, chief technology officer and executive vice president at NASD in Rockville, Md., which regulates the Nasdaq Stock Market. Those issues havent stopped Schneider National from pioneering wireless technologies for its trucking and logistics businesses. The $2.8 billion transportation firm was ahead of the curve in 1988 when it implemented a two-way, geostationary satellite communications system to track its fleet of tractors, which now number 15,000, said Paul R. Mueller, vice president of technology services at the company. Colburn and Mueller were two of three panelists who discussed challenges surrounding business adoption of wireless systems at the CeBIT America 2003 conference last week.

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Symbian Expected to Outpace Microsoft in Cellular Phone Market

Symbian PLC will outpace Microsoft Corp. in the market for cellular phone operating systems, reaching double the market share in 2007, a research firm Probe Group said Friday. Symbian, a software consortium formed by handset makers, will have 5 percent of the market in five years, with Microsoft coming in second with 2.5 percent and Linux third with 2 percent, the firm said. While Palm has released PDAs with mobile phone capabilities, the companys OS is not expected to be a player in the cellular phone, or the overall wireless market. In determining market share, Probe included all operating systems used to run a variety of mobile devices today, including personal digital assistants (PDAs), cellular phones and pagers.

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Bluetooth Awaits Its Fate amidst Rate Debate

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group presented details of its soon-to-be-ratified Version 1.2 specification at Bluetooth World Congress last week. The group also disclosed details of its discussions about the emerging medium- and high-rate Bluetooth plans. Both silicon vendors and OEMs back Version 1.2, although the industry appears sharply divided over the Bluetooth roadmap beyond the new spec. The Version 1.2 spec is "on track for adoption in September," according to Jennifer Bray, a member of Bluetooth architecture review board.

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IDC: Wi-Fi Hype Contrasts with Reality

Despite the rapid growth in both the number of Wi-Fi locations and the number of users worldwide, the hotspot market is still in the very early stages of development. According to a new study from IDC, these early growth figures, achieved from a very low baseline, represent little more than the creation of a hotspot infrastructure. Over the next five years, IDC expects the hotspot market to evolve through two distinct phases –- two years of massive network footprint expansion followed by three years of intense relationship building among carriers, network operators, and service providers.

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New Phones Combine Cordless, Cellular

Verizon Communications unit last week announced its One phone, a prototype cordless-at-home and cellular phone. The new phone will be rolled out early next year, state by state, to residents of selected multi-family communities where Verizon Avenue offers services. The phone includes tri-mode, E-911 compatibility and other features. The cordless/cellular phone is developed and manufactured by San Diego-based Axesstel, a wireless local loop products company.

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Wireless Subscriptions Integral Part Of Competition

A new report issued by the FCC shows wireless is a particularly vital part of the growing competitive telecommunications market in the United States. The report, a summary of the commissions latest data on local telephone service competition, shows 136 million mobile wireless telephone service subscriptions were registered between Dec. 31, 2002 and March 1, 2003.

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