Wireless Web Digest: Wi-Fi To Fly at 108Mbit/sec

In this installment of the Supersite's Web Digest, the IEEE says it may soon double the speed of 802.11g with a standard tentatively called 802.11n. That's moving so fast that you may not notice the new wristphone DoCoMo has up its sleeve, and more...

IEEE Plots Speedier WLAN

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is working on a revision to the 802.11 specification that will ramp up the speed of the WLAN standard to at least 108 Mbit/s. The high-speed revision is expected to be designated as 802.11n, although it hasnt officially been given that appellation yet. Stuart Kerry, chairman of the High Throughput Study Group doesnt expect the amendment to the standard to be completed until 2005 or 2006. Kerry said the study group is trying to increase the throughput of 802.11 -- the actual amount of data that is transferred over a wireless link in a set period of time --- rather than just upping the data transfer rates. This would make the new standard less susceptible to interference.

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DoCoMo Wraps a Cell Phone around Your Wrist

NTT DoCoMo is taking orders for the Wristomo, a device that packs a number of advanced functions into a wristwatch-style mobile phone. Manufactured by Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko, the Wristomo opens up into a functional handset. Users can make and receive calls by speaking into it while it is worn on the wrist, or they can remove it and hold it closer to the head like a conventional cell phone. Wristomo also provides e-mail access and can surf the Web at speeds approaching 64 kbps using mobile Internet services, including DoCoMos popular i-mode offering. The watch phone supports location-based offerings from the carrier as well.
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Sprint, Novatel Intro 3G Wireless Payments

Shrugging off questions about the future of 3G technology, Sprint and Novatel Wireless unveiled a wireless 3G payment processing system for the enterprise market. In a three-way deal with Commerciant, the wireless carriers are rolling out a new payment system called MobileScape. They are positioning it with vertical markets such as commercial and residential contractors, and transportation companies, the companies said. MobileScape is equipped with the MobileScape M2 handheld device, signature capture capabilities, an integrated printer, encryption security and a Web-based interface called POSware.

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RSA Exposes Extent of UK WLAN Hacking

UK business can expect hackers to attack their wireless LANs once every two days, according to new research from RSA Security. Over a three-week period the researchers found that hackers logged on to the networks a total of 29 times. 75% of connections were thought to be unintentional, via Windows XP-based notebook computers logging on automatically. However, the remaining 25% of connections were made deliberately by hackers attempting to use the networks for their own devices. The experiment was carried out for RSA by London, UK-based risk management specialist, Z/Yen Ltd, using two fake WLANs planted in Londons financial district.

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Indonesia Chooses Motorola for 3G Network

Indonesias largest telecommunications carrier chose Motorola to provide next generation wireless services to the ten provinces of Sumatra. PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia said it would use Motorolas CDMA2000 1X system, which will bring 3G to a major swath of Indonesia. Motorolas contract in Indonesia is its fifteenth 3G deal signed around the world and seventh in the Asia-Pacific region.

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