Woz Version 6.2

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Woz Version 6.2

Friends of Steve Wozniak gathered in San Francisco for a surprise birthday party, which organizers dubbed "Woz 6.2."

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The Big Surprise

Steve Wozniak and his wife Janet are showered with confetti as they enter a surprise birthday party for him at the Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts in San Francisco.

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Video Wall of Birthday Greeting

Well-wishers deliver birthday greetings to Steve Wozniak that are displayed on a video wall at his surprise birthday party.

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Woz the Tetris Champion

Guests pose for photos with pieces of the video game Tetris, which Wozniak played endlessly to achieve champion player status.

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Family and Friends Honor Woz

Christina Valentine (right), with friend Tyler Robinette, is Wozniak's goddaughter. "He's one of the coolest people you'll ever meet," she said. "He's got the biggest heart ever."

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Wozs "Dancing with the Stars" Turn.

Father and son computer industry analysts Ben (left) and Tim Bajarin joined in the festivities. Tim said he saw Woz just before he appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2009. "I said 'break a leg' and that's exactly what he did." Woz fractured his foot but kept on competing.

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Fusion-io CEO Honors Wozniak

Fusion-io CEO David Flynn honors Woz, who is chief scientist for the company. "He's got one of the best minds in the world when it comes to engineering," said Flynn.

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A Map of Wozniaks DNA

Steve Wozniak is presented with a map of his DNA by friends and family at a party celebrating his 62nd birthday.

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Wozs Birthday Cake

A birthday cake with the message "Woz Happy 6.2" is wheeled toward the stage for Steve Wozniak's surprise birthday party.

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Wozs Birthday Party Garb

Steve Wozniak thanks the crowd for the surprise party. "It was a real surprise, but only for half a second because as soon as I walked in and saw it, I recognized it from last year," when he also had a surprise party.

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