Xirrus Shows 11n Multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi Array

The company says each radio in the array will be able to handle speeds up to 300M bps and each array will handle up to 16 radios.

LAS VEGAS—Xirrus, maker of high capacity long range Wi-Fi access points, is showing a new, faster array that uses 802.11n to provide gigabit throughput.

The new array modules use a new MIMO antenna design, the details of which are still under wraps. The company uses interchangeable segments in its access point design that allow IT managers to upgrade the radios without having to replace the access points.

The new access point modules for 11n require an upgrade to Xirrus ArrayOS platform software. When upgraded, each radio in the array will be able to handle speeds up to 300M bps. Each array can handle up to 16 radios.

The new modules will continue to support 802.11 a, b and g in addition to 11n. The array includes a switching fabric designed to handle the 11n speeds with the software upgrade. The fabric will handle up to 2G bps, and the array includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports for access to the wired network.

The 11n array modules that Xirrus is showing are prototypes. The beta version of these modules is planned for late 2007.

Xirrus also announced two related developments. One is a power over Gigabit Ethernet solution that makes installation of the Xirrus arrays easier because it eliminates a separate power run to the device. Xirrus was showing the power device, and also using it to provide high capacity Wi-Fi on the Interop show floor, and elsewhere around the convention center where Interop was held.

Xirrus second announcement is that it has teamed with DiVitas Networks to provide its Mobile to Mobile Convergence solution to Interop attendees. Using MMC allows attendees to use Wi-Fi handsets with the Xirrus network.


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Wayne Rash

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