XPRT Front

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XPRT Front

This unassuming device weighs 5.1 ounces. It measures 4.7 inches long and 2.4 inches wide to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand.

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Side View

The XPRT is a half-inch thick—chunky by the standards of the slim Nexus S 4G or Samsung Galaxy S II phones. Chalk up the extra thickness to the larger battery, which is a nice 1,860 mAh for 9 hours of talk time. What good is a "business phone" if it won't last the whole day on a single charge?

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Rear View

The XPRT is enclosed in a soft, plastic case with a beaded finish for less slippage with any grip. Note the 5-megapixel camera with camcorder and dual LED flash.

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XPRT Home Screens

The XPRT boasts seven customizable home screens featuring the customary Motorola weather, news and other widgets provided by the Motoblur user interface.

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XPRT entices users to provision their accounts for Google, Facebook, Twitter and several other Web applications.

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The LinkedIn for Android app is especially useful for working (or non-working) professionals who want to keep up with their contacts, job prospects and other career details while on the go.

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Of course, the XPRT wouldn't be a business phone without the requisite Microsoft Exchange hook-up. Motorola XPRT protects Exchange and Outlook email data with 256-bit AES data encryption. The device also lets IT administrators enable a PIN or password lock, recover passwords, and wipe data on both the phone and SD card.

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Android Dialer

XPRT offers solid call quality via the phone's Android 2.2 dialer. This is crucial for the corporate road warrior who needs to stay in touch with his or her boss(es).

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Calendar Button

The work-oriented device also features a dedicated calendar button on the right of the device, which pulls up users' schedules that are synced with the XPRT.

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Android Market Apps

Android Market, with its 200,000-plus apps, is also accessible via the XPRT's app launcher. Unfortunately, the Sprint app brigade is also very much in the mix, offering a lot of bloatware many users typically don't want, such as music, movies and mobile wallet apps.

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Droid Pro

We weren't jesting when we said the XPRT is a lot like the Motorola Droid Pro, from the matching displays and physical keyboards to the cameras and other hard and soft attributes.

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Users may compare the XPRT and Droid Pro side-by-side on Motorola's Website here.

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