You Say You Want a Revolution?

Old hippies shake heads in anguish, as kids protest slow computers.

Several dozen students at Seton Hall University in New Jersey recently staged a noisy protest, a 1960s style affair complete with marching, picketing and yelling.

Nevertheless, the late, famed defense lawyer William Kunstler probably turned over in his grave.

Back in the day, college protesters vented anger about the Vietnam War, womens rights or racial injustice. But now, with a new-millennium slant to their slogans, the Seton Hall collegians were livid over laptops.

It seems the school is replacing its students laptops with new IBM ThinkPads that are less powerful and have less memory, but are equipped with wireless cards. College officials say the wireless technology will allow students to access the Internet anywhere on the South Orange campus, negating the need to plug into Seton Halls network.

But the students who dont mind staying tethered to the wire (far different, of course, from being wired in the true 60s sense) dont like the performance trade-off, and contend the administration never listens to their opinions.

At least thats something that hasnt changed.