Your iPhone 2.0 Tip Sheet

eWEEK Labs has gathered up a trio of suggestions for the best ways to capture screenshots, manage iTunes and control your desktop with the shiny new Apple iPhone 2.0 mobile device.

In the comments section below, we would be happy to see your own suggestions for squeezing more out of the iPhone-and if you have handy tips for other mobile devices, we would love to learn about those, as well.
Capture iPhone Screenshots
As product reviewers, we at eWEEK Labs find frequent occasion to grab screen shots in order to illustrate the software and services we cover. The PrtScn key is our pal, but not every screen we wish to capture rides on a keyboard-toting device. We've resorted at times to photographing device displays, but those pictures tend to turn out poorly.
In previous iPhone tests, we hacked the device to install a screen shot application, of which there were a handful in the unofficial software channels. When the App Store came online, we disappointed not to find an Apple-blessed screen grabber, but it turns out that the iPhone's new 2.0 firmware includes a built-in screen capture function.
To capture screens on your iPhone or iPod Touch 2.0, hold down the home button on the front of the iPhone, and press the on/off button at the top of the device. Your display will flash briefly and your screen capture will appear in your Photo store.
We spent some time trying to find a type of screen that the application would not capture-a playing YouTube video, or a moving progress indicator, for instance-but every screen image we set out to capture was duly grabbed.