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 There was a time when YouTube was available natively in iOS. However, with iOS 6, that won't be the case. So iPhone 5 owners will need to download the app in order to run YouTube apps from within the software. Keep that in mind upon breaking the iPhone 5 out of the box.

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iDownloader Pro

 With iDownloader Pro, iPhone 5 users can download, well, just about anything they come across. If they like something in the browser, they can click it and download it to their device. If they like a song, it can be downloaded. The same can be done with videos. iDownloader Pro is designed to help iPhone owners download whatever they want, whenever they want, just as they would on a PC. It costs $1.99.

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 Camera+ delivers the functionality that iOS 6 users will wish was offered natively. The app does everything from improving the brightness of a photo to stabilizing shots and lining up an image. And for just 99 cents, it's a bargain.

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 TurboScan is one of the applications in this roundup that both consumers and enterprise users can get behind. The program, which costs $1.99, allows users to quickly scan multiple documents into PDFs by simply snapping pictures of them. It's a popular app for good reason: it really works.

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iSchedule doesn't get much attention in the corporate world, but it should. The application allows users to manage their work schedules and share them with others all from within the application. At $2.99, it's a little expensive, but it's a valuable tool for enterprise users.Â

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Dragon Dictation

Although it might seem odd to have a dictation app offered in addition to Siri, it makes a lot of sense for enterprise users, especially. With Dragon Dictation, users will be able to record audio notes, send them off to others, and have it fully translated into text. It's a great app that's available for free.

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Google Earth

 Google Earth is a fine alternative to the Maps application that will be making its way to the iPhone 5 in iOS 6. In fact, the free app might just be even better. After all, in addition to providing 3D views of cities and buildings, like Maps, it'll also let folks explore visual images of the world. It's a must-have for any iPhone user.

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Wolfram Alpha

 Wolfram Alpha is arguably one of the best ways to find out information on a host of topics. The application, which costs just $1.99, lets users search for everything from math equations to very in-depth data on economic factors, definitions and more. Wolfram Alpha is an app everyone should have with them.

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Battery HD+

 Battery HD+ is the kind of utility that many iPhone 5 users will definitely need when they boot up the smartphone for the first time. The app lets users see how much of their battery is left, and can see how that translates to music playback, video playback and Internet browsing. It's a nice utility for enterprise users, especially. Plus, it's free.

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Angry Birds Space

 Everyone needs some fun in their lives. So, what better way to achieve that than with help from Angry Birds Space? The title is one of the highest-ranking games in the App Store, and at just 99 cents, is a cheap way to get in hours of gameplay on the iPhone 5.

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