Zenprise Boosts Apple iPhone, iPad Management Software

Zenprise adds selective wipe, remote lifeline and profile features for Apple iPhones and iPads used by corporate employees.

Zenprise Aug. 17 launched a new version of its MobileManager software, adding selective wipe, remote lifeline and profile features to spruce up security in Apple iPhones and iPads used by corporate employees.

IT administrators use MobileManager to manage and secure smartphones and other mobile gadgets employees use for work.

Zenprise defines personal devices used for work purposes as "employee-liable" devices and devices issued by companies as "corporate-liable" devices.

In either case, IT admins require software to help them lock down corporate data shuttled from company servers to and from those devices.

Zenprise MobileManager sports a new Selective Wipe feature to help administrators separate personal device data-such as music, photos and videos-from corporate data and applications on iPhones and iPads when an employee leaves a company.

This is especially useful in financial services and health care firms, where knowledge workers generate significant amounts of sensitive data. It's also highly efficient because Zenprise enables admins to execute Selective Wipe over the air.

The new Remote Lifeline utility diagnoses and protects personal iPhones and iPads for users while they're on the road. Admins may use this tool to automatically configure a user's VPN, proxy server and WiFi settings from afar to speed up troubleshooting.

Finally, Zenprise MobileManager lets admins fashion security profiles for employee-liable and corporate-liable iPhones and iPads.

This feature, managed by Active Directory, protects corporate intellectual property in the case of pilfered or lost personal devices.

For example, while IT may require only passwords on employee-liable devices, the corporate-liable profile can be set up to require passwords and restrict Web browsing capabilities; limit or block certain apps; and prevent access to certain Websites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Selective Wipe is geared for the iPhone and iPad only at this time. Zenprise Marketing Vice President Ahmed Datoo told eWEEK Remote Lifeline and Profiles are available on Android, Windows Mobile and Palm devices.

Zenprise rivals include Tangoe, Sybase and Good Technology, which saw its business boosted 43 percent thanks to iPhone and Android smartphone adoption.