Zombie Strategies: Prepare (Free)

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Zombie Strategies: Prepare (Free)

A practical approach to dealing with the issue of a zombie apocalypse, this app offers a database of U.S. storage facilities, firearms dealers and more.

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PipClock (99 cents)

Your best bet for surviving a nuclear holocaust, this app comes with target maps, world weather stats, and an Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) connection to receive important messages from the U.S. government—assuming it's still around.

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Doomsday App (Free)

Chose the disaster you are preparing for from 15 different options and give your crew special instructions to survive for the long haul.

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Army Survival Book Collection (99 cents)

Take some advice from the pros when the fit hits the shan this month with this compendium of military field references that focus on survival and personal protection.

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Ultimate 2012 (Free)

While this app won't help you during the apocalypse, it could help you prepare mentally for facing your impending doom, with a countdown clock and a time capsule so you can send yourself a message on Dec. 21. "Good-bye," maybe?

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2012 Apocalypse Quiz (99 cents)

Always wondered how you would fare against fire raining from the heavens? Hurricanes? Earthquakes? Zombies? Take the quiz and find out.

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Zombie Survival Handbook ($2.99)

If you're waiting for the apocalypse, we figure a zombie-style meltdown leaves you a better chance than a black hole or meteor. And if that happens, here's an extensive guide to keep you alive.

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Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide (99 cents)

If things start to go south, you're going to want to know some of the basics of first aid so that you can attend to wounded friends or family members.

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Doomsday Fitness (Free)

If you're going to be properly prepared for whatever unknown calamity is coming our way, you're going to want to be in tip-top survival shape.

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Doomsday Prepper (Free)

Take a look at the lighter side of apocalypse preparation by building yourself a virtual shelter to wait out of the aftermath of Armageddon.

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