1. Bring Siri to the iPad 3

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1. Bring Siri to the iPad 3

Theres really no question that adding Siri to the iPad 3 would be welcome. The virtual personal assistant makes it easy to send out text messages or write up emails and it generally keeps iPhone 4S owners up-to-date with all the tasks they need to perform. Siri will be coming to all future Apple devices, including the iPad 3.

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2. Different Screen Sizes

Although Apple has historically stuck with the 9.7-inch form factor in its iPad, it would be nice to see the company try out something new, like a 7- or 10.1-inch display. Giving customers choices isnt a bad thing. And its about time Apple realizes that.

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3. Full 3D Support

Looking around the Consumer Electronics Show, it quickly became clear that 3D support is an integral component in many devices. Considering Apples iPad is becoming a go-to gaming and entertainment platform for many customers, the company should deliver 3D to make the iPad 3 as appealing as possible.

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4. End the Glare Issues

If Amazons Kindle has taught us anything, its that glare-less screens are ideal when reading content outdoors. Apple has so far done little to cut down on glare problems. In the iPad 3, it would be nice to see the company find a way to eliminate much of the glare.

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5. Wireless Charging, Anyone?

How annoying is it to connect the iPad 2 or any mobile device to a charging cord? The time has come for Apple to launch the iPad 3 with wireless charging. Such charging methods are starting to become popular, but so far, few major companies have adopted it. Apple should be the first.

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6. Longer Battery Life

Considering tablets are portable devices, it would only make sense that consumers and enterprise users would want to have as long a battery life as possible. In the iPad 3, Apple should deliver that. Long battery life is everything in the mobile space.

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7. Gorilla Glass 2

At the Consumer Electronics Show recently, Corning unveiled Gorilla Glass 2, a major step up over the current displays found in touch-screen devices. The offering includes better sensitivity, brighter images and a thinner design to help device makers create even smaller products. Take advantage of that in the iPad 3, Apple.

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8. Retina Display

Following the screen topic, wouldnt it be nice if Apple offered up a Retina Display in the iPad 3? Apples Retina Display offers ideal screen resolution for the naked eye, but is only available in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. For more than one year now, consumers have been hoping for the Retina Display to come to the iPad. Lets hope that happens in 2012.

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9. Vibration Effect

As noted, gaming has become a key component in Apples iPad. But elsewhere around the gaming space, vibration effects are huge. Perhaps Apple should meld those two things and offer vibration effects in the iPad 3. It would enhance overall gaming on the iPad 3 and help application developers do more with their programs.

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10. Near-Field Communication

Looking ahead, its hard to argue that near-field communication and mobile-payment applications will be a big deal. Google currently supports it with its Wallet service. And now, all attention is focused on Apple to follow its lead. Lets hope it does just that with the launch of a mobile-payment solution in the iPad 3.

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