10 Industries Wed Like to See Google Get Into

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10 Industries Wed Like to See Google Get Into

by Don Reisinger

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Desktop OS

Although Google has already said that it plans to compete with Windows with its Web-based operating system, Chrome OS, the company would be ideally suited for competing in the desktop market. Granted, Microsoft dominates that space, but the software giant has become too complacent. Google could come in, offer a unique, lightweight software package capable of running on a desktop or laptop, and steal some market share.

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Real Mobile Phone Design

Google might be offering the Nexus One phone right now, but that device was designed by HTC. The company might be a software and Web development firm, but by designing its own mobile phone, it can finally build a competitor capable of taking on the iPhone. After all, Google is the only company that really has a shot at catching Apple.

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PC Design

Speaking of design, Google should consider offering company-branded PCs. Like Apple, Google could become a boutique alternative to Windows. And since it's a household name, it might just sell extremely well. Apple has proved that designing computers and software is profitable. Google can capitalize on that.

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iTunes Competition

iTunes has proved to be one of the most profitable elements of Apple's business. It has also helped it sell more iPhones. As a mobile-OS provider, Google needs an iTunes-like service of its own. It could offer the service online, on the desktop and on Android-based devices. It could be the first major competitor to iTunes.

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Enterprise Software

Google has shown that it can develop simple yet usable software packages. That's precisely why the company should break into enterprise software. It can work on developing project management software, time management applications and other key tools that companies use most often. And as an online firm, it can bring those packages to the Web, making the enterprise's transition to the Internet much easier.

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Gaming is an extremely profitable industry if the company can make the right moves. And although Google competes online and in software, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be suited as a competitor to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in the gaming market. After all, who believed years ago that Microsoft would get into gaming? Google could deliver a console and work with developers to offer a library of games that could compete against the major players in that space. Google gets consumers. It could be successful in the gaming business.

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Enterprise-class Web Storage

One of the issues many companies have with online backup solutions is that the process of backing up is far too difficult. In some cases, it's also quite expensive. Google has the cash available to build an enterprise-class storage system. Perhaps most importantly, it has the available funds to accommodate terabytes of data. There's a real opportunity for Google in enterprise Web backup. It needs to jump on it.

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More Web-Based OS Competition

Although Google plans to compete against Windows with Chrome OS, the company currently only plans to target netbooks. That's a problem. If Google wants to be successful in the Web-OS space, it needs to focus on more capable computers. Netbooks are fine as a starting point, but the sooner Google brings a Web-based Chrome OS to laptops and desktops, the more likely its chances of being successful.

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Speculation abounds over how well Android will run on tablets. There's even some speculation that Chrome OS will be coming to some tablet computers in the near future. But what if Google built its own tablet, running the OS of its choice? Apple is likely to be the leader in the tablet space for the foreseeable future, since no other company will enjoy the attention the iPad will receive. But if Google set its sights on Apple and delivered a Google-branded device that ran Android, it might have a chance against the iPad.

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Web Security

As the world's top Web company, Google has a responsibility to all users to play its part in keeping the Internet as secure as possible. Admittedly, that's a tough job and the company has been helping out in its own way. But Google needs to take a decidedly more important role in leading the way in Web security. More applications are moving to the Web. More people are performing basic tasks on the Internet. At the same time, malicious attacks are pelting Websites. Google needs to make a stand and play a greater role in limiting Web security issues.

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