Adobe Adds Two Editions to Photoshop Product Line

Adobe will add to its digital imaging product line with two editions of Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 3 intended to increase adaptability and add efficiencies to the image management process across digital media.

While at the Photo Marketing Association show in Las Vegas, Adobe Systems announced March 8 that it will add two editions to its Photoshop family of products, Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite CS 3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.

The Adobe Photoshop product line provides creative professionals with digital imaging software that lets users manage, adjust, edit and customize their photos.

With Adobe Photoshop CS3, currently available for download as a beta version, users will be provided with features such as automatic layer alignment and blending tools that allow users to combine their images.

"Photoshop CS3 delivers creative tools, adaptability and more efficient editing, processing and file handling tools while also allowing users to custom-fit Photoshop to the way they work," said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions Unit at San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe.

Photoshop CS3 features Adobe Bridge, a file browser that allows users to process and review multiple camera images at once while also including multiple layer control, which enables users to select and move, group, transform and warp objects by clicking and dragging directly on the canvas.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 also allows users to utilize Adobe Device Central, which lets users design, preview and test content that is created for smaller screens.

By using Photoshop CS3, creative professionals can polish digital photos, wrap an image around any shape using Image Warp and retouch photos using the Spot Healing Brush option. Users will also be able to neutralize red eyes with the one-click red-eye correction tool.

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"This beta gives customers an early chance to see the power of a Photoshop release, optimized and tuned to run natively on the latest hardware and operating systems," Loiacono said.

The beta version of Photoshop CS3 is available now as a universal binary for the Macintosh platform as well as for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista computers. Photoshop CS3 is expected to be formally released this upcoming spring.

The extended version of Photoshop CS3, designed for film, video, multimedia, graphic Web designers and researchers, includes the same features of Photoshop CS3 but also adds capabilities for 3-D, motion graphics and analysis tools.

Photoshop CS3 Extended provides users with an image-editing toolset that enables users to edit, paint and clone over several video frames while also allowing users to integrate 3-D content into their 2-D works.

Using Photoshop CS3 Extended, users are able to develop an animation from a series of images and use it in various formats such as QuickTime, MPEG-4 and Adobe Flash Video.

Other industry professionals such as medical workers, architects and scientists will be able to use Photoshop CS3 Extended to take out quantitative and qualitative data from images, enabling users to view, edit and interpret images.

For example, using this digital imaging platform, medical professionals can track a patients progress over time while architects can accurately measure objects in their images.

"Whether its a video producer texture editing the backdrop of a movie or a researcher counting hundreds of cancer cells, diverse industries are already relying on the professional standard in digital imaging," Loiacono said.

Photoshop CS3 Extended will also be formally released this upcoming spring.

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