Aegis Adapter for EMC Smarts

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Aegis Adapter for EMC Smarts

With its Aegis Adapter for EMC Smarts, NetIQ extends its native IT process automation capabilities. Using the bi-directional command-and-control adapter, organizations leveraging EMC Smarts can apply automation and eliminate some manual management tasks. NetIQ Aegis also integrates server and network reports collected by EMC Smarts and other monitoring

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With its OneFS 5.0 operating system software, Isilons X-Series clustered storage systems deliver as much as 20GB per second of performance and 2.3 petabytes of capacity in a single file system and single volume. Isilon also delivers the Accelerator-x (shown), a performance acceleration product providing 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for next-generation enterprise

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Nlyte 5.0

GDCMs Nlyte 5.0 provides data center managers with any easy way to monitor resources and create an energy-efficient data center. The product offers a real-time view of power consumption and heat, as well as insight into floor planning and the projected outcome of changes to the data center before they are implemented. The Cabinet Planner provides change and configuration modeling, workflow and process automation, and tracking of power, cooling, cabling and network

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TeleNav Vehicle Tracker

AT&Ts TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is a GPS-enabled device that is hard-wired or embedded onto a vehicle, providing a way for companies to monitor and manage fleet operations. Once installed, TeleNav Vehicle Tracker is active without requiring any additional driver interaction or resources. A password-protected, Web-based management console allows managers to log in and view the location of each vehicle in the fleet. The TeleNav Vehicle Tracker costs $399, with a monthly service charge of about $34 per device. (Volume pricing may be available.)

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Alfresco Enterprise 3

Alfresco Enterprise 3, the certified build of Alfrescos open-source enterprise content management solution, includes document libraries, search, easy creation of virtual teams, personalized activity feeds and dashboards (shown), and a rapid application development environment that uses lightweight scripting. Enterprise 3 also offers support for the Microsoft Office SharePoint

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WebFocus InfoAssist

Information Builders WebFocus InfoAssist is an ad hoc reporting solution built on the latest in AJAX technology, with a familiar, Microsoft Office-like user interface.The application provides business users with query, reporting and analysis tools for making faster business and operational

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The Vyatta 2502

The Vyatta 2502 open networking appliance takes advantage of hardware technology advances to deliver 2.4GHz dual-core forwarding performance and large memory size (for a fraction of the price of the Cisco ISR series, according to Vyatta)