AeroHive Plans WiFi Networks for Free

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AeroHive Plans WiFi Networks for Free

by Wayne Rash

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Test Floor Plan

This is the floor plan of the imaginary office created for testing the AeroHive WiFi Planner. Obviously, it's imaginary because no real office would have that many windows. To start the planning process, upload a PNG or JPG file to the Planner.

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Mark Your Territory

The first step is to define the perimeter of the building. Here it's shown as the blue line around the outside.

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Define Building Materials

Once you upload your floor plan, tell the software what materials are in the walls and other features using the drawing tools and the drop-down box. Here I'm telling the software about the windows in the conference room.

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Place the Access Points

Once the software knows about the walls, it can automatically place the APs. Once that's done, it only takes seconds to get a drawing like this, with the APs in place and their respective coverage patterns.

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New Access Point

Users can change the type, characteristics or location of any AP. For example, I could see what will happen with more or less power output.

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Revised Plan

If I chose the wrong material for my walls, I can change it and the plan will adjust. Here, for example, I changed the walls for the interior hall from drywall to concrete. Note that the APs are in different locations, including a new one in the hallway itself.

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PDF Report

Once planning is complete, the AeroHive Planner creates a PDF file that can be provided to the installer.

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