AIS Releases Two Rugged, Intel-Based Panel PCs

AIS, an American supplier of rugged IT equipment, has released two new Rugged Panel PCs. The choice of Intel Core 2 Duo or Atom processors is just the beginning of the available options.

California-based American Industrial Systems has introduced two new models to its line of rugged touch-screen computers, or Rugged Panel PCs, which are designed for the challenges of outdoor use.

The PCs are available in 8.4- and 10.4-inch designs, and with either an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor or an Intel Core 2 Duo. AIS offers the flexibility to mix and match mechanical systems and platforms, helping users find the best fit for the device's intended application.

The Rugged Panel PCs feature sunlight-readable screens, fan-less designs and aluminum-magnesium alloy housings, and meet the military specification, called MIL-STD-810, for vibration, water resistance, dust resistance, and high and low temperatures. Integrated Wi-Fi is optional.

Specialized vehicle mounting brackets are available for forklift or field service uses, or they can be paired with VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mounts.

The Rugged Panel PCs are helpful for applications beyond vehicle and agricultural applications, according to AIS. The units can support a wide power supply voltage range, and AIS provides anti-corrosion coatings suitable for marine, military, mobile communication and warehousing applications.

Based on the device's intended purpose, it's available with either resistive or infrared touch-screens, and users have the choice of a solid-state or compact flash drive.

While a less-familiar name than some competitors, AIS stands out in its ability to cater to customers, Alan Wong, product engineer, told eWEEK.

"-What I have is what you get' is how Panasonic runs its business," said Wong, describing how AIS, on the other hand, works with a number of OEM customers and can adjust its devices to meet all manner of customer requirements.

"If they need additional military specifications, we can get those done for them to meet their specifications," said Wong, "whether it's medical, military, marine. ... There's a lot of flexibility within our business model."

The devices can run a variety of Microsoft and Linux platforms, have a life cycle of three to seven years, and have a starting price of about $1,399.