Apache Traffic Server v3.2 Ships

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the availability of Apache Traffic Server version 3.2, the latest stable release of the open-source cloud computing service.

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the availability of the Apache Traffic Server v3.2, the latest stable release of the technology.

The Apache Traffic Server is a high-performance cloud computing service that serves dynamic content, billions of objects and terabytes of data for large-scale deployments in use at Akamai, Comcast, GoDaddy, LinkedIn, Yahoo and other large enterprise organizations.

Apache describes its Traffic Server v3.2.0 as a cloud computing "edge" service that is able to handle requests in and out of the cloud by serving static content such as images, JavaScript, CSS and HTML files, and routing requests for dynamic content to a Web server€”such as the Apache HTTP Server.

Apache officials said there have been more than 800 commits and 300 JIRA tickets closed since v3.0. JIRA is an issue and bug tracker from Atlassian. In addition, there have been several Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) improvements made to the new release, including Server Name Indication (SNI) and Next Protocol Negotiation (NPN). Overall SSL stability has been improved in this release.

Apache Traffic Server version 3.2 also includes full IPv6 support. Version 3.0 only had client-side IPv6. All IP-related plug-in APIs are now also IPv6-aware. And there are new, flexible configurations for managing inbound and outgoing IP addresses and ports. Users can now bind any number and combinations of addresses and ports for both HTTP and HTTPS.

Another improvement in version 3.2 is that the range request for large objects in cache are now much faster. There are also several new plug-in APIs, and there are performance and stability improvements in the Cluster Cache feature. There is also much better performance when proxying to a Keep-Alive HTTP backend server connection. Overall cache performance is also significantly better. And Apache Traffic Server 3.2 supports all GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) versions 4.1.2 and higher, Clang/LLVM 3 and the Intel compiler suite.

The Apache Traffic Server v3.2.0 can be downloaded by clicking here.