Apple iPad Is Hurting Laptop, Notebook Sales: 10 Reasons Why

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Apple iPad Is Hurting Laptop, Notebook Sales: 10 Reasons Why

by Don Reisinger

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The Mobility Factor

Notebooks were initially so successful because of a users ability to carry them around wherever they went. But some laptops can be heavy. The iPad doesnt suffer from that. Its slimmer even than any notebook, its lightweight and it delivers the kind of mobility that, so far, notebooks havent been able to match.

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Notebooks prices are cheap nowadays, but with the entry-level fee of $499, most would agree that the iPad is an attractive buy. For that price, the consumer is getting the same exact device as the top iPad model, less 3G and extra storage. A $500 laptop will likely include inferior components, little storage, and even less RAM. Its underwhelming, to say the least. Consumers dont want inferior products and with that kind of choice, they will opt for the iPad.

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Apple's Allure

Over the past 10 years, Apple has become synonymous with outstanding products that provide a much different and superior experience over other devices on the market. With that in mind, its likely that the Apple logo alone is enough to pull consumers to the iPad, rather than a competing notebook.

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It's Better than a MacBook

Although some are focusing on the iPad beating Windows-based PCs, the reality is, Apples tablet is also cutting into MacBook sales. And the reasons for that are simple: the MacBook is a middle-of-the-road product that doesnt offer the mobility of the iPad nor the power of the MacBook Pro. When consumers realize that, they opt for either of those products, rather than the MacBook.

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App Store

Then you must not discount the value of Apples App Store. With more than 250,000 applications available, its a place where consumers can extend the functionality of Apples tablet. Plus, worthwhile applications can be downloaded for little or no fee. Thats a far cry from the sometimes-wildly-expensive desktop applications available for notebooks. Granted, those programs are more robust, but if its simple, easy functionality users are after, Apples App Store delivers a better experience.

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It's the iPhone Without the Fee

Although Apple offers a 3G version of its iPad, which requires customers to pay $15 or $30 per month based on data usage, most consumers view the iPad as a way to save money when compared to the iPhone. After all, it provides the same functionality as the iPhone, offers access to the same apps, and over the course of 24 months, costs much less, since the iPhone requires data and calling plans. Consumers looking to save money and still have iPhone-like functionality are looking toward the iPad. And theyre forgetting about notebooks.

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The Coolness Factor

It might sound simplistic, but the iPad is widely viewed to be a "cool" device. And that alone makes the iPad worthwhile. Apple has proven over the past few years that tech devices can be an extension of who a person really is. And consumers have shown that they want to be proud to show off their tech toys in public. They can be proud with the iPad and its "wow" factor. The same isnt true with notebooks.

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Some would argue that laptops and notebooks provide a more robust multimedia experience, since their browsers support Flash. But for most consumers, the iPad is the chosen multimedia device in the mobile-computing environment. The iPad boasts a sizable 10-inch display, it allows for Netflix streaming, and it provides easy access to iTunes video and audio content. Granted, any laptop can perform all those tasks, as well, but the iPad oozes entertainment. Laptops and notebooks tend to indicate work. And thats not something that draws in consumers.

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Most Folks Already Have Some Type of Laptop

Its not a stretch to say that some consumers who have a finite budget evaluate their current laptops, decide that they can live with it for another year and opt for an iPad over a new laptop. After all, they can use the old laptop for productivity-based tasks and the iPad for everything else. Plus, Apples tablet is readily affordable.

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Laptops Are Boring

As soon as someone compares the iPad to a laptop, they will quickly realize one undeniable fact: Laptops are boring. Laptops look like the past. They have physical keyboards, they fold up and theyre somewhat bulky. Apples iPad boasts a touch screen, a virtual keyboard and all the latest functionality consumers are looking for. Its fun and its fresh. Thats one of the main reasons why consumers are opting for it over boring, old Laptops.

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