Apple's Fall Product Plans: 10 Things It Won't Announce Sept. 1

News Analysis: Apple has scheduled a media event on Sept. 1 to discuss new products. But there will be several things that won't happen at that show.

Apple plans to hold an event on Sept. 1 that many believe will focus on the company's music efforts. Although Apple hasn't said what it will talk about, speculation abounds over the possibility of a new iPod, the release of a new Apple TV, and much more.

But there are also some rumors flying around that make little sense. It's not a stretch to say that Steve Jobs will offer some worthwhile goodies for tech lovers, but it is a stretch to say he'll unveil a new, all-in-one television or reveal an iPhone 4 antenna fix. Whatever the updates and new products Jobs does announce, there are several things that he won't.

Here is a look at the topics that Steve Jobs won't touch on during the next Apple event.

1. Death of the iPod

The last thing Steve Jobs will do is talk about the potential death of the iPod. After all, the company still believes that that market has potential. But as time goes on, the argument is becoming more debatable. The iPod space is maturing. Thanks to the iPhone, fewer customers see a reason to have both Apple's smartphone and its music player. Steve Jobs will remain upbeat about the iPod, but, eventually, the company will need to acknowledge that the device isn't as important as it once was.

2. Substantially new iPods

Don't expect groundbreaking new iPods coming from Apple. Its line of music players will undoubtedly be updated with some nice new features, but the chances of the company pushing the envelope one more time in that space seems awfully slim. As mentioned, the iPod space is maturing. And there is very little that Apple can do to improve upon its current offering. Expect Steve Jobs to unveil an iterative update to current models - nothing more.

3. iPhone 4 antenna issues

Steve Jobs will not discuss iPhone 4 antenna woes at his company's next event. Apple has made it clear that it believes every mobile device maker has an antenna problem that's inherent in today's smartphone designs. That doesn't sound like a company that will have a fix anytime soon. Plus, it's doubtful that Jobs would want it to get lost amid new iPods.

4. New iMacs

Speculation abounds over when, not if, Apple will announce revamped iMacs with a touch screen. Although it's certainly possible, given the company's penchant for touch displays, it wouldn't make sense for Apple to make such a huge announcement at an event designed for music. Apple knows how to build hype for products and let the innovation shine. A few new iPods won't allow that to happen for a revamped iMac.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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