Azul Rolls Out Vega 2

With its latest update to its Compute Appliance devices, the company is looking to continue supporting Java and J2EE applications while consolidating data centers.

Azul Systems is rolling out its latest offering for Java and Java 2 Enterprise Edition applications.

The Mountain View, Calif., company on Dec. 4 launched its Vega 2 processors, which power its Compute Appliance devices and address specific concerns of Java and J2EE users.

The companys Vega 1 offered up to 24 cores per chip, but Vega 2 will offer one model that uses 192 processor cores for the entire system, according to Scott Sellers, chief operating officer and co-founder of Azul.

The two Compute Appliance offerings that Azul unveiled Dec. 4 include the Model 3210, which offers chips with 96 processing cores and 48GB of memory, and the Model 3220, which holds the 192-core chips with 192GB of memory. Both models fit into a 5U (8.75-inch) rack mount.

In 2007, the company plans to roll out devices with eight and 16 chips that will each offer up to 768 cores and 768GB of memory.

In addition to its concentration on Java, Azul is touting its Compute Appliance devices as a way for large enterprises to consolidate data centers and reduce energy costs by taking the processor off the server and create a pool of resources from which its users can pick.

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In its latest offering, the 96-core model uses 580 kilowatts of electricity, while the 192-core model uses 1,000 watts, Sellers said. The added cores will also help in cleaning up fragmented memory during so-called garbage collection problems that occur with Java.

"What we are offering is more efficiency and better application performance on the Azul platform," Sellers said.

The models in the 3200 series are immediately available, and these will start at $49,995, according to Azul. The higher-end appliances will be available later in 2007, the company said.

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