Banking On Speed

Fast ethernet was too slow for amalgamated bank. Guess who stepped up to the teller window to fix the problem?

Amalgamated bank realized just how important speed was when traffic on its 10/100 Ethernet network began to resemble downtown Los Angeles rush hour.

"Our network was a collection of various technologies from a variety of vendors," says Barry Horowitz, first VP of information systems for Amalgamated Bank. "It got to a point where it just couldnt handle the demands of our applications or our users. We even had to outsource some of our transaction processing."

Adding additional routers and switches to its existing system would be a never-ending cycle. After talking with engineers and system designers at Cisco Systems, the bank decided to scrap the entire LAN and start over with a faster and more flexible system.

"The bank has strict procedures on selecting vendors, so we did do a lot of homework," notes Horowitz. "Besides Cisco, we talked to Cabletron and to Xylan, which has since been acquired by Alcatel. They all have strong products, but theres more to it than just the speed or design of the switches. We were looking for a real partner that could support more than just this one project."

Horowitz says Cisco emerged as the clear choice for the networking equipment required to meet Amalgamated Banks present and future needs. Cisco then referred the bank to Dimension Data, one of only six Cisco Gold Partners worldwide.