C3 Expo NYC 2006

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C3 Expo NYC 2006

Red Hats Matthew Szulik delivers the opening keynote speech for C3 Expo in New York. Szulik talked about the democratization of content and the future of open source software. (PHOTO: Wayne Rash/eWEEK.com)

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C3 Expo NYC 2006 - Lisa Graff, Intel

Intels Lisa Graff explains how Intels new processor chips support hardware virtualization. (PHOTO: Wayne Rash/eWEEK.com)

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C3 Expo NYC 2006 - Bob Wiederhold, Transitive

Transitives Bob Wiederhold tells press conference attendees how his hardware virtualization software works. (photo: Wayne Rash/eWEEK.com)

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