Cache Flow Changes Name, Focus

Now Blue Coat Systems, the company announces appliance that inspects and filters Web traffic entering the network.

Cache Flow Inc. on Wednesday announced that it has changed its name to Blue Coat Systems Inc. to reflect a new focus on selling security appliances.

The company also unveiled its first new product, the SG800, designed to inspect and filter Web traffic entering the network through TCP port 80. The appliance is installed behind the network firewall and inspects both inbound and outbound Web content, including Web pages and instant messages.

The network administrator uses a GUI-based console to set policies for the entire company, departments or individual users. The SG800s operating system, which was custom built for the appliance, contains several dozen triggers that can in turn set off any number of actions.

For example, if an executive is checking his Web-based e-mail, the software can be configured to either block the traffic, delete any attachments or scan the files for viruses. Blue Coat has included anti-virus engines from Symantec Corp. and Trend Micro Inc. in the appliance, along with content-filtering capabilities from Secure Computing Inc. and Websense Inc.