Compuware Enhances Tool for Building Business Apps

Version 9.1 of Uniface allows developers to create and launch business applications in multiple environments.

Compuwares latest release of its Uniface business application developer platform, announced Jan. 22, boasts advancements to help users to increase the development of applications.

Uniface is a development environment for building, renewing and integrating enterprise applications while also providing the tools for application integration, business management and user interface frameworks.

"Compuware helps organizations develop their business-critical applications with better and more consistent quality through two key ways: model-driven development, which stores vital application logic in one place, and event-driven processing, helping define application events and telling the application how to react at various stages," Edwin Schumaker, director of product management for Compuware Development Solutions, told eWEEK.

The newest release of Uniface, Version 9.1, allows developers to build business applications such as human resources, finance, accounting and inventory. These applications can be used to field requests from customers and can also be used to schedule meetings and for other business-related tasks.

Developers of Uniface 9.1 can build XHTML applications (Extensible HTML), available on several environments such as Windows Vista, Windows XP or Unix.

"This support enables developers to build enterprise applications using the latest user interface functionality that adheres to the Windows look and feel," Schumaker said.

Uniface 9.1 will also feature Unicode support to help software publishers deliver applications to multinational user bases by decreasing the amount of time and cost of localizing applications.

"Making a small change in one area can trigger multiple instances of change happening in other areas, as Uniface helps organizations reduce the cost of ownership for business-critical applications and increases the return on investment," Schumaker said.

Schumaker said Uniface 9.1 could also be beneficial to a business professional.

"For business users, benefits include meeting business objectives, improved communication, controlled costs, a more effective development environment as well as reduced complexity and code reviews."


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