Conference Plus Launches Management Services for VOIP Platforms

With the development of support and management services for VOIP conferencing, Conference Plus seeks to give enterprises an easier way to conference.

Conference Plus, a Schaumburg, Ill.-based supplier of audio, Web and videoconferencing services, announced Nov. 8 that it has created support and management services for voice over IP conferencing for premise-based deployments.

Ken Velton, senior vice president of marketing and corporate development for Conference Plus, told eWEEK that "In todays world, many businesses use multi-conferencing as a way to be productive. There are a lot of pieces and gaps when you are deploying conference calls, and we hope to be able to bridge it all together."

The support and management services provided by Conference Plus seek to help large businesses arrange, uphold and manage their conferencing platforms to meet the demands of their enterprise.

These services feature tools such as MyAccount Dashboard and ViewPlus, both operated services that can be used during formal meetings and events, and also feature billing and cost allocation through corporate purchasing cards; maintenance and upgrade management; reservation services; in-conference help and technical support; integrated Web conferencing; online account and conference management; and integration with corporate directories and cost allocation systems.

"This is a slick solution. The transition from an outsource provider to an in-house provider is very smooth and our services can fill the gaps for an enterprise that is trying to deploy conferencing services over IP," said Velton in the same correspondence with eWEEK.

Greg Doerr, chief operating officer of Conference Plus, echoed that sentiment.

"Enterprise customers of all sizes want to deploy conferencing bridges within their IP networks to leverage their network investments and reduce costs," said Doerr in a company statement.

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Back in the spring of 2005, Conference Plus teamed up on the releasing of a VOIP (voice over IP)-based platform for a large technology company, which was one of the main reasons why Conference Plus decided to offer these new services.

"That deployment, combined with the expertise we developed implementing our own VOIP platform, served as the basis for our new offering and we have added the flexibility to adapt to an enterprises unique needs," said Doerr in the same company statement.

"We remain committed to continually improving our VOIP features and functionality and providing the highest quality conferencing experience possible—whether on our own platform or with a customers enterprise solution."

The support and management services from Conference Plus are available now; prices will vary depending on frequency of use and what the customer wants.

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