Consolidated Workloads

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Consolidated Workloads

The new z114 is designed to consolidate workloads from hundreds of x86 servers.

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Cost and Performance

The z114 costs 25 percent less and improves performance by up to 25 percent over IBM z10 BC servers.

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Lowest Price

With the z114, high-end mainframe features are now available at an entry-level price of $75,000—IBMs lowest price ever for a mainframe.

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Linux and Windows Blade Support

The ability to manage workloads on select System x blades now is available, first with Linux and later with Windows.

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Smarter Computing

The IBM zEnterprise 114 is designed to deliver Smarter Computing capabilities. On a smarter planet, according to IBM, nearly everything computes. Things no one would recognize as computers—home appliances, cars, roads, clothes, even rivers and cornfields—will have built-in intelligence. Smarter Computing systems are designed for data, tuned to the task and managed in the cloud, IBM says.

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Emerging Markets

With the new z114, enterprises can extend the mainframe's innovation and capabilities to more organizations, especially companies and governments in emerging markets in Asia, Africa and elsewhere.??í

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Total Cost of Ownership

Enterprises can consolidate workloads from 40 x86 processors running Oracle software on to a new z114 with three processors running Linux. In addition, over a three-year period, total costs for hardware, software and support on the new z114 as compared with consolidated servers can be up to 80 percent less, with similar savings on floor space and energy.

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Support for Specialty Engines

The z114 can be supported by specialty engines: the System z Application Assist Processor, System z Integrated Information Processor and Integrated Facility for Linux. Theyre designed to integrate new Java, XML and Linux applications and technologies with existing workloads, as well to optimize system resources and reduce costs on the mainframe.

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New Operating System

The new z/OS V 1.13 adds new software deployment and disk management capabilities.??í It also offers enhanced autonomics and early error detection features as well as the latest encryption and compliance features, extending the mainframe's i security capabilities.

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Financing Options

IBM Global Financing offers attractive financing options for existing IBM clients who want to upgrade to a z114 as well as clients currently using select Hewlett-Packard P and Oracle servers. IBM is also offering 0 percent financing for 12 months on any IBM software, including IBM middleware, for the z114 such as Tivoli, WebSphere, Rational, Lotus and Analytics products.

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