CTIA 2006: ShowStoppers

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CTIA 2006: ShowStoppers

Senior Writer Wayne Rash checks out Handmarks Pocket Express for the Motorola RAZR. Pocket Express can deliver content ranging from driving directions and news to weather reports without needing to use a browser.

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CTIA 2006: ShowStoppers - AirPlay Serves Fun

Senior Writer Wayne Rash gets into the sporting mood with AirPlay, all while watching the hapless Washington Redskins lose another one.

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CTIA 2006: ShowStoppers - Capcom Offers Phone Entertainment

Senior Writer Wayne Rash demonstrates Capcoms ESPN Poker Club, an entertainment package for your phone. Rash hates cell phone games, but Eric Lundquist said he had to do it anyway.

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CTIA 2006: ShowStoppers - D-Link Introduces Wireless Content Delivery

D-Link was showing a collection of products for delivering streaming content in a variety of situations and environments. The devices include Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi VOIP phones, among other items.

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CTIA 2006: ShowStoppers - D-Link Wi-Fi Phones

A closer look at the Wi-Fi phones D-Link is shipping for use with VOIP calling services and with IP phone systems.

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CTIA 2006: ShowStoppers - Greenphone with Trolltech Development

Nancy Pantone of Trolltech shows the QTopia Greenphone, which runs Linux, with its development platform. This will allow companies to develop phones designed for specific purposes.

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