Daily Video: AT&T Halts Fiber Spending Over Net Neutrality Question

As the public debate surrounding net neutrality continues, AT&T says it is now suspending its plans to expand fiber networks until the issue is resolved.

President Barack Obama has said that he wants the Federal Communications Commission to make Title II rules apply to the internet, while FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has voiced differing opinions.

Microsoft has now launched a new way of using Skype without a mobile or PC app. Skype for Web allows users to make voice or video calls without downloading an app.

Jonathan Watson, a Skype senior product marketing manager, said the new service will allow people to place calls from any web-enabled device, even when downloading an app isn’t possible.

The Department of Energy is making continued investments in exascale computing, with funding for the latest round of projects reaching $425 million.

Among that amount is $325 million awarded to IBM, NVidia and Mellanox Technologies for two supercomputers to be operational by 2017.

A separate project worth $100 million was given to Advanced Micro Devices, IBM, Cray, and NVidia for development work on extreme scale computing.

A new report states that ad networks may represent an ideal setting for cyber-criminals. The report, completed by researchers at multiple universities and Microsoft, looked at the ZeroAccess botnet and its ability to generate revenue through fraudulent ad clicks worth approximately $100,000. Additionally the nature of ad networks makes this type of fraud very difficult to trace.

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